TeeUniverse is a free and open-source game offering powerful and robust support for playing online various gamemodes and playgrounds.

It is designed not only to be fully compatible with basic Teeworlds as well as some of its prominent mods, namely Infection Class and OpenFNG, but it as well has the peculiarity of providing a generous client/server protocol for running indefinite future mods client- and server-side and tools for creating new maps for them.

The project is subdivided into three parts: the editor, the game client and the server. At the time of this being written, only the editor is available to be tried out. You can start off to make your vanilla, OpenFNG or InfClass maps right in the editor and enjoy its features such as intuitive quad manipulation, Bézier curves, undo with Ctrl+Z or user-friendly color chooser. The whole code is obtainable on the Github repository, in conjunction with instructions for compiling it or binaries for getting started quickly.

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Screenshot of TeeUniverse Editor